"Like Waze for dog walking"

The best walk for every dog

Keep your dog fit & safe on every walk

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The best walk for every dog

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Make dog walking smart, safe & fun

A avatar of an unfriendly dog to show that Paway users can see other dogs temperaments while on the application.

Avoid unfriendly Dogs

Spot aggressive or unfriendly dogs

A stop watch animation to show that users can set walk goals for their animal while using the application.

Set Walks Goals

Make sure your dog is getting
enough exercise

Get safety alerts

Steer clear of nearby dangers
to your dog

Better technology to manage your clients

Made by dog walkers for dog walkers

gps tracking icon

Live GPS tracking

Give clients peace of mind & feel safe when walking alone

Walk Reports

Share a report card with the dog owner after every walk

Payments & Tips

Collect payments & start
receiving tips

How it works

Step 1:

Create a profile for your dog

Step 2:

 Decide how long you want to  walk your dog

Step 3:

Let us suggest a route

Step 4:

Send paw reports to inform the Paway Community

Step 5:

Explore the map, see nearby dogs, amentities & hazards

Step 6:

Share your walk with friends, family & followers

Paway vs others



Time to Pet



Live GPS tracking

Walk reports

Payment & Tips

Past walk history

Automatic owner updates

Set your own prices

Safety alerts

Bring your own clients

Lost dog feature

Venmo or CashApp

Interactive map

Food & Water tracker

Walker profile page

Get new clients

Daily payouts






Give your clients what they want

Book a walk

Follow the walk

See walk report

Leave review & tip

Finally an all-in-one pro dog walker app

Promote your business

Get more clients

Manage your schedule

Get paid daily


Nicole S.

"Paway makes dog walking so much fun! It's really easy to share a photo from the walk with my friends."

Robert J.

"There is nothing else like Paway. I tried other apps to track my dog walks but nothing beats Paway."

Allison C.

"My dog Watson and I love using the Paway app. We like to know which dogs are friendly."

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