Deadly houseplants your dog should avoid
Jason Meltzer
July 27, 2022

Most pet parents know that plants like oleander and sago palms are toxic to dogs. What you may not know is that there are tons of household plants that are dangerous, or even deadly, to dogs. Read on to learn which houseplants to avoid to keep your pup safe.

Euphorbia Plants

This genus of plants is tricky for dog families because there are over 2000 species! About 1200 are succulents, known for their architectural or bizarre shapes. Non-succulent varieties include common household plants such as milkweed and poinsettia.

Bird of Paradise

This ornamental plant native to South Africa is beautiful and looks like a tropical bird when in full bloom. Unfortunately, the plant contains hydrogen cyanide. This was used as a biological weapon against humans, most notably in WWII gas chambers.

Kaffir Lily

The kaffir lily is not a good choice for those with dogs who bite or eat plants. The base of the leaves, stem, and bulbs are highly poisonous to dogs because of the alkaloids such as licorice contained within.

Desert Rose (Adenium)

A succulent is reminiscent of a bonsai with its tiny tree look. Be sure to place it on a high shelf. Keep it away from your pup because it is highly toxic to dogs.

Dracaena Plants 

There are around 40 different species of plants in the genus Dracaena and they are all toxic to dogs. Dog parents should be cautious of having this type of plant accessible to a curious pooch.

Araceae Family

Some common household plants in this family are Schefflera, elephant’s ear, calla lily, Philodendron, and umbrella plant. If you have dogs in the house, be sure to monitor them around these plants. They are highly toxic to dogs.

Be mindful of these plants and other toxic elements in your home to keep your dog from getting ill.

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