What make a great dog walker?
Jason Meltzer
July 27, 2022

What are the qualities and characteristics of a great dog walker? 

My name is Jason Meltzer. I am the founder and CEO of Paway. Having been a professional dog walker for years, to later owning my own dog walking business and then co­-founding Wag a startup built around dog walking I know what makes a good dog walker. I am excited to share what characteristics make a great dog walker.


Look  for dog walkers with experience as a pet professional. Dog walkers can come from many different backgrounds; some are registered veterinary technicians, shelter volunteers, foster parents, dog groomers, dog trainers or have walked their own dogs for years. An experienced pet professional will know how to make the dog walk safe and fun. Experienced dog walkers are always alert and prepared to protect your pet no matter what the scenario is. The Paway app goes a long way to help improve the experience by alerting walkers when aggressive dogs are nearby. Paway can also share where amenities like water bowls and poop bag dispensers are located.  In addition, experienced dog walkers know to bring all natural treats, how to deal with sluggish dogs and how much energy each breed needs.


A dog walker has to be accountable as the dog’s health and well being are in his/her control. Professional dog walkers always show up at the desired time and place and are responsible for bringing the dog home safe. Accountable dog walkers use calendars with set reminders to keep track of their schedule. Features like this can also be found in the Paway app. Here is a tip, you can sync your scheduled walks in your calendar with Paway to make sure you never get doubled booked.  


A good dog walker must be thorough in carrying out their duties. Dog owners will leave notes for the dog walker on health issues, triggers and preferences regarding their pets. A great dog walker makes sure to read all notes left from the owner before beginning the walk. The last thing you want is to have a dog walker who does not follow instructions. Dog owners can save time by adding all their walk notes to the Paway app. 


A dependable dog walker will go the extra mile to make sure the dog receives a safe and enjoyable walk. They will stop at nothing to get to your dog on time and deliver an amazing service to your family each and every time. Dog walkers must have a postman mentality, they show up no matter if it’s rain, sleet, snow or shine. A dependable dog walker will never cut a dog walk short unless it’s an emergency. The Paway app allows the pet parent to follow the walk in real time and a report is generated after the walk so you can see where and how long the dog walker walked your dog.


Passionate dog walkers take photos from their adventures and are excited to share them with you. Passionate dog walkers take pride in what they are doing and it shows in the dogs they walk. The dog should come home with its tail wagging and smile on its face. The dog walker should know when the dog’s birthday is as well as the dog’s favorite treat.

Pet parents use this guide to make sure you get the very best care for your dog.  Dog walkers use this guide to help improve your business and your clients will thank you for it. Who knows you may even get an extra tip!

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